Music for your POD or Homeschool Group




Have you decided to homeschool or form a POD (groups of 3 to 10 students learn together in homes under the tutelage of the children’s parents or a hired teacher)?  Do you need a music curriculum to go along with your education plan?  Meryl’s Music and Arts can fill this need! Article about forming your own POD

Meryl has been offering the Music Together® and Rhythm Kids curriculum to Cape Cod and Plymouth families for over 18 years. Music Together is geared toward children ages newborn to 6. Rhythm Kids is geared toward kids in K-3rd grades.  Both research-based programs are developmentally appropriate and designed to help kids gain Basic Music Competence (BMC).  BMC is loosely defined as being able to sing in key and hold a steady beat with the body.  Why is this important?  In order to be successful singing in a group or playing an instrument, BMC must be present.  Why start them so young? Because the innate ability we are all born with starts to diminish by age 8 or so if it is not fostered early on.

How can you bring Music Together or Rhythm Kids into your education plan?  Meryl is willing to work with what is comfortable for you and your group!  You may consider forming learning pods with other members with similar levels of risk tolerance, and meeting in person to join in virtually-led classes together. This expands opportunities for interaction, provides more adult models for the children, and makes group music activities like group circle dances possible, while still limiting the risk that comes with gathering in a larger group.  You may prefer to do online classes from your own homes.  Or your group may prefer in-person outdoor (weather permitting) classes?  Let’s talk and work through the details.

Please read about each of our programs here:

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Please feel free to reach out at any time to discuss the needs of your group so we can tailor a plan for the fall!


Meryl V Reed